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10 Wine and Cheese Pairing Ideas

Wine And Cheese Pairing

Wine and cheese is a classic combination enjoyed by people all over the world. However, it’s not a ‘one size fits all’ pairing. Not everyone enjoys every kind of cheese, and the same can be said for wines. Different tastes and preferences play an important role in choosing which combination you like best, therefore it’s always worth trying them all until you find your perfect match. This guide will show you classic wine and cheese pairings that everyone should try.

Pinot Noir Gruyere

Pinot Noir and Gruyere

Pinot Noir and Gruyere make the perfect pairing. The fruity flavour of the Pinot Noir complements the nutty flavours found in the medium-firm cheese. Whilst both the wine and cheese hold flavours, they do not overpower one another.

Port Stiltion

Port and Blue Stilton

In order to match the full-body sweetness and character of a port, a strong, stinky cheese is required. A pungent and salty cheese such as stilton is the perfect match for a well-aged port… The older the better! A golden rule to remember when it comes to wine and cheese pairing is – The sweeter the wine is, the smellier the cheese should be.

Brie Champsign

Champagne and Brie

Soft, fatty cheeses such as Brie require something sharp and acidic. Champagne delivers this along with stinking bubbles that contrast perfectly with the creaminess of the brie. Champagne also delivers a brioche flavour that adds toastiness to the mouth.

Moscato Dasti And Gorgonzola 1

Moscato d’Asti and Gorgonzola

As stated previously, stronger cheeses require sweeter wine. However its doesn’t always have to be a heavy, full-bodied port. When pairing your Gorgonzola, why not try something lighter such as the Moscato. The fresh and acidic fruits compliment the richness of the gorgonzola beautifully.

Sauvignon Blanc And Goat Cheese

Sauvignon Blanc and Goat Cheese

If you’re new to wine and cheese pairing, or just love a classic, this one is a great one to try first. Earthy and tart, Goats cheese is the perfect match for the citrus and mineral notes found in Sauvignon Blanc. These earthy notes really bring out the nutty and herbal flavours in the goat’s cheese, and the acidity is perfect for cutting through the heaviness of the cheese.

Tempranillo And Idiazabal

Tempranillo and Idiazabal

Both Tempranillo and Idiazabal are Spanish and offer savoury, smokey flavours that match perfectly. It’s almost as though they were born to be served together. The full-bodied wine compliments the harder texture of the Idiazabal and the tannin of the wine contrasts beautifully with the buttery flavour of the cheese.

Cabernet Sauvignon And Aged Cheddar

Cabernet Sauvignon and Aged Cheddar

A bigger, bolder cheese needs a wine that can lift it up. An aged Cheddar has a fattiness that matches up wonderfully with the mouth-drying tannins you’ll find in many Cabernet Sauvignons. Their bold flavours match perfectly without over bearing one another, making this a wonderful cheese and wine pairing.

Riesling And Raclette

Riesling and Raclette

Smooth and buttery, Raclette is a mellow and versatile cheese that blends really well with the high acidity and stone fruit flavours found in a Riesling. The aromatic aromas presented by the wine draws out the nuttiness of the cheese that may otherwise go undetected.

Chianti Classico And Pecorino Toscano

Chianti Classico and Pecorino Toscano

The hard, aged texture of a Pecorino pairs wonderfully with the booming tannins of a Chianti Classico. The savoury notes in a Chianti bring out a hidden herbal flavour in the cheese, with the wine’s black fruit holding up perfectly against the boldness of the Pecorino. This is a must try wine and cheese pairing!

Malbec And Edam

Malbec and Edam

Edam’s nutty flavours and Malbec’s velvety fruit is the sort of pairing that just about anyone can enjoy. Malbec and Edam are popular amongst fans of both cheese and wine. They are both flavorful and aromatic without being overpowering, and the result is a complimentary combo of complex flavours.

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