The Best Wines to Serve with Your Favourite BBQ Dishes

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Wine In Spain
10 Wine Regions in Spain
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Understanding Wine Labels: A Beginner’s Guide
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The Best Wines to Serve with Your Favourite BBQ Dishes

British summertime is here, and with it, barbeque season is well underway! But while you’ve got the bbq covered and meat prepped, you may be wondering which wines would work best with BBQ food.

With barbeques comprising of a wide range of meats, veg, and salads, there are so many wines you could choose from. In this article, we’ll give you our recommendations on which wines would work best with each item on the grill!


Best Wines to Serve with BBQ Steak

When it comes to choosing a wine best paired with steak, red is best. Our recommendation would be a Malbec or Cabernet Sauvignon.

These wines, with their dark fruit, tannins, and high acidity work perfectly with the steak flavours and are often considered the classic choice for this pairing.


Wines to Serve with BBQ Chicken

The trick with chicken is to choose a wine that does not deliver an overpowering flavour. A classic and popular choice for chicken is Chardonnay. The wine works well with all kinds of chicken dishes.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be a white wine. For those who would prefer a lighter red, Pinot Noir is also a good choice.


Top wines to serve with Beef Burgers

When serving beef burgers, consider some of the go-to red meat wines, such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah.

Other options include a Chianti Classico or a Brunello di Montalcino, where the acidity and tannins are able to match the burger.


Best Wines to Serve with Sausages

For sausages, we would recommend a Pinot Noir. A good all-around wine that will work well with the different spices and herbs that may be used in the sausages.

With such a wide range of flavoured sausages available, this wine is definitely a safe bet.


Wines to Serve with BBQ Pork Ribs

The best wine to pair with the juicy, sweet ribs meat is a red wine that isn’t too bold and relatively low in tannins.

Especially young wines with intense fruit flavors are an excellent match. Go for a Grenache, a Merlot, or a Pinot Noir.


Our Favourite Wines to Serve with Salmon

It’s been said that red wine is a no-go for salmon. It’s best practice to avoid bolder styles brimming with tannins, making white wines a safer bet.

As it’s cooked on a bbq, the salmon will usually have a smokey flavour that’s best matched to Blanc de blancs Champagne, English sparkling wine, Riesling, manzanilla Sherry.


Best Wines to Pair with Halloumi

Our favourite pairing with Halloumi is Sauvignon Blanc however you may prefer a rosé or lighter red wine.

Wines with a lighter tone tend to compliment the Halloumi flavours and fruity notes work well with the texture of the cheese.


Wines to Serve with Vegetable Skewers

Different vegetables work well with different wines. However, a good all-round wine that works well for vegetable skewers would be a Chardonnay with its buttery structure.

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