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caliterra wine maker

“Unique Details in Perfect Harmony”


Established in 1996

Established in 1996, Caliterra started out as a joint venture between the families of Robert Mondavi and Viña Errazuriz.

The name Caliterr is taken from the Spanish ‘Calidad Tierra’ meaning quality land. The winemakers have pioneered to establish eco-friendly and sustainable wines in the heart of the Colchagua Valley.

A large portion of the Caliterra estate is on prime hillsides in Colchagua, resulting in high-quality fruits and complex wines.

Caliterra Director

Chief Wine Maker

Rodrigo graduated from the University of Chile with a degree in Agricultural Engineering, specialising in Oenology.

He then undertook his National Diploma of Oenology from the ‘Office International de la Vigne et du Vin’ (OIV) in France, before returning to Chile and taking up a post with the Errazuriz Group.

Rodrigo has worked his way up to the position of Chief Winemaker at Caliterra marking himself out as a young winemaker to watch.

Caliterra Base Winery
Caliterra Grapes

Sustainable Wine Production

With the country’s leading consultants, Caliterra has pioneered a move to sustainable wine production over the past few years.

“The four pillars of this approach are sustainable viticulture, community commitment, environmental preservation and eco-friendly packaging”

Caliterra was one of the first Chilean wineries to be certified ad Sustainable. This is a huge achievement and has resulted in these winemakers leading the way to a more environmental approach to winemaking in the country.

The sustainable viticultural techniques used in the Caliterra vineyards include integrated plant management, green-label organic plant health programs, product rotation, optimization of water resources, efficient energy use, the reincorporation of organic matter, precision agriculture, and industrial waste treatment.

Protecting Natural Resources

This Winemaker also works to protect natural resources by using wild horses to prevent fires, reforesting, and introducing bio-corridors in order to avoid erosion.

The human dimension of Caliterra’s sustainable approach involves training, study, and running risk prevention programs for those who work at the winery as well as the local community schools and families.

“Caliterra remains at the forefront of sustainable practices within Chilean winemaking; in 2017 it was the first Chilean winery to receive CarboNZero certification without the need to buy carbon credits.”

Since 2008, Caliterra has its own system of measuring its sustainability and works to continuously improve and remain transparent with its customers.

Natural Resources

Innovative Wine Making

Caliterra adopts a range of winemaking methods in order to be more energy-efficient whilst producing high-quality and delicious wines.

Gravity Flow

This method uses gravity to rack the wines. The Caliterra cellar is built on different levels, this method is 20% more energy efficient than using pumps. It also prevents pressure and stress on the grapes that would usually lead to bitterness in the wines.

Free Cooling

In the Barrel room temperatures are controlled by transferring air between the interior and exterior of the room. Nighttime air is brought in from the vineyard in order to lower temperatures and daytime air is brought in to rise it.

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