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Lush Blush, a rosé built for refreshment. Perfectly paired with top class food and enjoyed whilst admiring a beautiful view with those closest to you.

Momento Grenache Gris 2020
Cristophe Camu Montmains Premier Cru 2020 Chablis
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Lush Blush Cote de Provence Rose 2022

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The taste and clarity of Lush Blush Rosé is already establishing itself as a premier wine. Sommeliers are rushing to include Lush Blush Rosé on their wine lists.

Born in Côtes de Provence, this elegant, light and refreshing blush with peachiness on the nose, and skin of nectarine, one quickly realises what a complex and special wine Lush Blush is.

On drinking, one experiences fruit and pink roses, almost cherry blossom. It is fresh on the pallet whilst offering a body of richness in its structure.

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What’s a Good Wine?

At The Surrey Wine Cellar, We Know Good Wine

Good wine is, above all, a wine that you like enough to drink because the whole purpose of a wine is to give pleasure to those who drink it. After that, how good a wine is depends on how it measures up to a set of (more or less) agreed-upon standards of performance established by experienced, trained experts.

These standards involve mysterious concepts like balance, length, depth, complexity, finish, and trueness to type (typicity in Winespeak).

The three words sweetness, acidity, and tannin represent three of the major components (parts) of wine. The fourth is alcohol. Besides being one of the reasons we often want to drink a glass of wine in the first place, alcohol is an important player in wine quality.

Balance is the relationship of these four components to one another. A wine is balanced when nothing sticks out, such as harsh tannin or too much sweetness, as you taste the wine.

At The Surrey Wine Cellar, we offer a wide variety of different wines, to meet your tastes and preferences. Discover your perfect match in our online shop.

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Frequently Asked Wine Questions

Should I Let Wine Breathe?

Some wine drinkers declare that a red wine should be allowed to ‘breathe’ in the bottle before it is poured. Frankly, this doesn’t do much to improve the wine.

The surface area of the wine in the bottle neck is so small that hardly any oxygen can reach the wine in the hour or two in which it is left standing. If you really do want to oxygenate the wine, decant it by pouring it gently down the side of a glass decanter. Some older red wines develop a sediment at the bottom (or side, if the bottle has been stored lying down) of the bottle. This is not a sign of any defect, but if you prefer to keep the sediment out of the glass, you can also pour the wine carefully into a decanter, leaving the last bit, with the sediment, in the bottle.

How do I choose a wine glass?

Remember that wine should delight ALL the senses. It should not only taste and smell good, but look good as well. Serve wine in a thin, clear glass that shows off the colour and clarity to best advantage. Avoid coloured glasses.

The glass should have a stem, so it can be held without warming the wine inside it. The rim should preferably curve inward, so it gathers the aromas together and concentrates them under the drinker’s nose. Wine glasses should always be stored the right way up. If they are left upside down they can develop a slightly mouldy smell from the trapped damp air inside. They can also pick up odours from the shelf. Some restaurants use a rack that suspends wine glasses upside down by their bases. Glasses should be kept sparkling clean and given a wipe with a soft cloth before being set out. If they are washed in detergent, make sure they are well rinsed in clear water before drying. Even a minute hint of detergent residue can affect the taste of the wine.

What does the shape of the bottle say about the quality of the wine?

To make selection a little easier for buyers, certain traditional bottle shapes and colours are used for the various styles of wine. There are no hard and fast rules, but producers usually follow traditional styles. Here’s what you will find.

In white wines brown glass is often used for sweeter wines, while green indicates a dry wine. The slender German-style bottles are usually used for sweeter, more fruity wines, while the wider, Burgundy bottles are preferred for dry whites, particularly Chardonnay. Clear glass can be used for wine intended for early drinking. Coloured glass filters harmful rays and prevents wine being darkened by too much exposure to bright light. Burgundy-shaped bottles are also traditionally used for earthy reds like Pinot Noir, while the squarer-shouldered claret bottles are used for Cabernet Sauvignon, red blends containing Cabernet, and Sauvignon Blanc. Port is often bottled in a dark brown bottle with very square shoulders and a longish neck.

Is red wine good for your health?

Recent studies have indicated that wine—and red wine in particular—really is good for our health when taken in moderation. Apparently “moderation” in this case is about a glass and a half each day. The particular component of red wine that helps to reduce incidence of heart disease is a substance called resveritol, which appears to flush away the bad cholesterols that threaten to clog our arteries.

What does ‘wines of origin’ mean?

In order to ensure honesty in wine labelling, the Wine of Origin legislation was introduced a few decades ago and winemakers may apply to have their products certified.

A wine that bears the certification seal has been checked at each stage of its production -- from vineyard to bottle -- by an official from the Wine and Spirit Board. When you buy a bottle that has been certified you know that all the information contained on the label is reliable and correct.

  • 3 450X450 1
    I popped into the Surrey Wine Cellar to get a present for some friends who are heavily into their real ales which I was aware, despite the name, that the Cellar stocked. Paul (owner) was so helpful explaining to me where the beers were made (all local) and his thoughts on each one. My friends absolutely loved them and I shall definitely be restocking very soon! Thank you!
    Lori McPherson
  • Aui0Pj2Riqbo5Tihb6Wj
    Paul the owner is one the most friendly induviduals you could come across. His extensive knowledge of all wines is a great help and with a seriously comprehensive wine stock to suit all pockets, this is truly a great shop. Don't take my word for it go try it. You won't be sorry.
    Peter Panioty
  • 2 450X450 1
    Fantastic shop with brilliant selection of wines and spirts. Paul, the owner, has great knowledge and can offer 1st class advice to guide your decisions and help with the learning process.
    Jonathan Juviler